8 February 2016

I'm all about vision... My goal is to capture the dream of every client I'm working with and together we paint the picture and gradually make it a reality.

I'm not the biggest nerd around when it comes to all the technical aspects that comes with a product, but I do care and listen carefully on what I hear using an eq, a compressor, a plugin or a microphone. 

If something doesn't feel right, it doesn't sound right, and I find it very important not to be held back by technical aspects when I'm creative, cause the right gear surely helps to create and capture the vision we're aiming for. 

Ehrlund mics has for the last years been one of those tools I have around me at all times....  It does what it does perfectly.  The mic looks at the source you point it towards and captures it and translates it in an impressive, natural and "real" way. 

Sometimes you wanna be creative with another mic-character that has a totally different sound, but if the "sound" is in front of you, and the source is "wow".... I never hesitate to put up the EHR-M mic.... It has never let me down. 

⁃ Mike Eriksson